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    FIGHTIN' WORDS (Pugilist Literature)

    OK so, maybe this thread will be a wash, but it could be fun.

    'Any of you guys like reading fiction books about boxers or that have to
    do with boxing or that were written by boxers?

    Here are some of my favorites, and if you guys or chicas have any
    you'd like to suggest or even ones you thought sucked, bring it.

    Here are the ones I've liked:

    Waterfront Fists -- Robert E. Howard
    On Boxing -- Joyce Carol Oates
    Fifty Grand -- (Story) Ernest Hemingway
    Pound For Pound/Million Dollar Baby/On The Ropes -- F.X. Toole
    The Professional -- W.C. Heinz

    So, that's about all I know. Anybody else?

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    New York
    Most ppl on psd won't read a long post, let alone a book.

    Ive read some boxing books, not as many as I tell myself I will. There's a lot of great boxing books out there, especially from the times when boxing was king of American sports and some of the best writers and journalist wrote about it frequently.

    Canelo with the nice 7 punch combination

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