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Considering the money the Dodgers have, the depth they're continuing to acquire, and the minimal number of "marquee" free agents available, the Dodgers are in a position to dominate the market this off-season.

The Dodgers biggest trade asset is not a particular player or group of players, but the money they can spend in free agency. Call me crazy, but I believe the Dodgers will sign Greinke, one of Sanchez or Lohse, and yes... even Josh Hamilton. When that happens, the players currently under contract will become harder for other teams to pass on as potential trade pieces.

We already know Guggenheim is willing to reach into its moneybags to make the team better, and though many believe that Ethier's contract is too much for any coherent team to take on, consider how desperate those teams will become when the one major free agent bat is taken off the market. If five teams are in on Hamilton right now, five teams will still have a void to fill when the Dodgers sign him. Andre Ethier will become a much more enticing trade piece especially in bandboxes like Milwaukee and Texas.

According to multiple reports today, the Dodgers are now the favorite to land Greinke and the Angels seem to be out of the mix. I'd imagine it won't be too long before we hear news on the Dodgers' pursuit of additional pitchers, and possibly rumors about Josh Hamilton. Expect the Dodgers to be a bully on the free agent market, taking all of the available assets and, in doing so, providing a kick to the trade market.

Well said.

With the abundance of money the Dodgers have, I agree they will be signing Grienke +1 and Josh Hamilton as well. Sanchez and Lohse are very good pitchers and either would be a great addition. I am still on the Dan Haren wagon though - he doesn't cost us a draft pick, still has good stuff and will likely sign a shorter deal than the others.

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