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I get what you are saying for the most part, but boozer imo does not have an ideal contract.

As far as amare goes what people fail to realize is when amare first signed with the knicks the 1st half of the season amare was a candidate for mvp, they had a good record, then they trade for melo and everything just changes for amare with the injuries and trying to learn how to play with melo. People just forgot how good amare and the knicks was before they got melo.
No, people don't fail to realize anything. Who cares if through 40 games Amare was considered an MVP candidate if he's sucked since then and has routinely been out of the lineup, seeing his team perform better when he's not in it.

People seem to forget how good the Bulls are with Boozer. Amare's contract is an albatross. Boozer's is acceptable.