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    Jan 2008
    West Philly born and raised
    Pay attention. You might learn something.

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    Nov 2012
    Andrew Bynum has LESS " Trade Value " then " Paris Hilton " has " Acting ability "

    There, what does that tell you ?

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    Mar 2007

    Does bynum have trade value?

    It tells me nothing....

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    Jan 2009
    Not really, not only is he hurt, but he's a soon to be FA. So a team trading for him has to bank on him getting healthy AND resigning. And then theres always some crazy GM that will throw a MAX at him that you have to worry about.

    His trade value right now is probably just from a team that wants to unload a bad contract for an expiring.

    PHI is in such a tough spot... even if he comes back and plays 20 games, is that enough to throw a max at him?

    They really should have kept Harkless, Nikola and their pick. They could have traded Iggy straight up for Afflalo or someone else. AAA would be a GREAT fit in PHI with Collins.

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