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    Quote Originally Posted by nacdaddy View Post
    its been reported that minny turned down a trade offer consisting of rudy gay for kevin love, so crzycjunx76 can let go of the hope of us flipping for gay then love. *sigh*
    Ah but you see I understand that Gay is not enough to tempt Minny... My little (pipe dream) scenario has us trading some combination of
    Patterson, Morris, Jones, and/or White… along with any of our overseas assets in order to grab two first round picks (they do not have to be great first rounders). I am going to say that Patterson and White go in one deal, and Morris along with the rights to Llull go in the other just for the sake of this exercise.

    To Memphis goes the lesser acquired pick + Cole Aldrich + money to buy out Aldrich + Carlos Delfino.

    To Minnesota goes greater acquired pick + The other half of the Rockets 2013 1st rounder owed to Atlanta top 3 protected* + Donatas Motiejunas + Rudy Gay.

    To Houston goes Kevin Love… maybe a 2nd round pick if we can snag one.

    (*We owe a pick to Atlanta in the 2013 draft that is top 14 protected so if it falls in the top 3 we keep it, if it falls from 4-14 Minnesota gets it, and if it falls 15+ Atlanta gets it and Minnesota gets our 2014 draft pick top 3 protected.)

    Houston gets Love… who after he recovers from his current ailment should fit into our starting five nicely.

    Memphis gets a 1st rounder, a SF to replace some of what is lost in Gay, and 11.1 million dollars in cap relief (more after a buyout of Aldrich)

    Minnesota gets Gay to handle the SF spot, a high potential big in Donatas Motiejunas, and two first round picks.

    We would officially have no bench…. I even thought about T. Douglas being involved in one of the trade for picks deals which could make it even worse… but with an offseason to figure it out, and some 2nd round picks (which can be bought) I am confident Morey can craft a bench and our young core would certainly put us in the discussion as a championship contender.

    C- Asik
    PF- Love
    SF- Parsons
    SG- Harden
    PG- Lin

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    Wow, just wow.

    Big THX to MJ's Bulls and pheagles10 on the sig help!
    Dear T-Mac,
    I miss you.
    The Rim

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    Quote Originally Posted by sep11ie View Post
    Wow, just wow.
    Yeah I know... Memphis making out like a bandit.

    Oh and I did say "pipe dream"

    Love will more likely than not be moved before next offseason is over, I just wish we had more pieces to get it done. Anyone outside of Harden would be available for a player of his caliber IMO.

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    Crzycjun76, you sir, have a magical pipe and I would love to have some of whatever it is you have in it. I really never thought about flipping pieces for picks but that is right up moreys alley. Kahn does love 1st Rounders and we could net a few with our current roster. Great job man.

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