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    Quote Originally Posted by D-Leethal View Post
    Amare can score down low but is no more of a low post presence than Tyson. He needs to get the ball 10-15 feet out and make his way to the paint similar to a guard/forward. Either that or he needs to score in the paint via pick and rolls. Neither are post up guys.
    You are out of your mind D, Amare is no more of a presence than Tyson, are you bugging? Amare is a perrenial Allstar in this league, Tyson just started finding his a few years ago and at his best he was no Amare. Amare with no post game is more of a post presence than Chandler. Come on let's get realistic Amare has always been better than Ty and always will. Stop trying to make Ty out to be what he's not, he gives you heart and defense and in no way is he a dominate defender. If he was half the presence Amare was he would average 30 with his percentages. Ty doesn't get doubled or defenses don't gameplan for him but when Amare is on the floor everyone is on notice and pays attention Ty not so much.
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    Ty 34 minutes Amare 14 at center, Amare 16 Melo 16 and Wallace 12 at pf, Melo 16, Novak 20 Brewer 12 min at sf.

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