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So he cant get a little appreciation for doing what nobody thought he was capable of in that first season ?
& you're right about the loyalty thing ...but i thought NY fans were the best fans in basketball

The MVP Chants Every Game & The Roaring MVP Chant he got for stepping out on the court for the warmups in game 3 mean nothing ? .... Aiight
Don't get me wrong I love Amare for what he has done, I respect his passion and I know he cares. He brought NY basketball back. Let's say Amare comes back and just does not fit in with this current squad then what? This would be as mutual of a break-up as it gets, opposite of what happened with Lin over the summer. We would be sending Amare to LA, he loves the whole hollywood scene, he would be back with Nash and Mike D'Antoni.

It's not like were trying to dump Amare to Washington. That would be a slap in the face. Let's see how Amare does in a half court team once he's back.