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    Aug 2010

    We can still get much better.. Scary!

    We are playing really well, but I can see us becoming much better. When Woodson incorporates Amare and Shumpert into the grand scheme of things, we will be damn near impossible to beat. When we get that pick n roll working with Amare and the point guards, he's gonna be shooting in the high 55% to 58% from the field. Then with Shump, we'll start to get out on the break more and we'll get even more stops on defense leading to easy transition buckets. I also believe that Shumpert will come back a better shooter than he was too. I think we can and will get much better.

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    That will all depend on how Shumpert and Amare (big if) get acclimated with everything Woodson has already going. Shumpert shouldn't be a problem but I'm really concerned about Amare. Most on here saying never play Amare with Melo, but I'm more worried about playing Amare and Chandler together at the same time.

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    Apr 2012
    I'm hyped to get them back but I really don't want to see Brewer lose too much playing time like I know he will. The guys been rock solid for us this year. He's got that 3 pointer dropping not to mention his D. Crossing my fingers that the chemistry doesn't get put outta whack.

    It also sucks that White and Copeland will disappear, but it's got to happen. Copelands been a nice backup and I've been extremely impressed with Whites game. We're just so damn deep which is a good problem.

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    Sep 2012
    Oh yeah...they're going to be much better. The depth on this team and the mindset dictates how those guys will be acclimated.

    Amare will play and his interior offense is needed. Shumpert's defense will solidify the D. I think both should start

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    Dec 2010
    Again, I don't think Amare will be a problem at all. Remember Amare will be looking at getting in where he fits in. He sees how good we have it going. He won't want to mess up this chemistry. He'll be doing exactly what Woody wants him to do, right now Woody can't go wrong.

    My man Ike got a bad rap

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    Jul 2010
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    I think the players that will lose minutes are Prigioni and Rasheed will lose some minutes. But we can live with that. Both Shumpert and Amare will be brought up slowly. Most likely off the bench for limited minutes until they get in game shape and feel comfortable.

    Once both are at 100% I see shumpert getting in the line up and Kid will become the back up point guard. If Amare becomes a starter Brewer will get similar minutes off the bench and be the first guy to sub for one of Melo or Amare, maybe even Chandler.
    If Amare comes off the bench then Brewer starts and Amare is the first guy off the bench.

    I think Kidd will make the second unit much stronger and more consistent. We saw how much better Novak and Smith played with Davis last year than without a true point guard.

    We can live with Prigioni losing minutes and Rasheed's minuts going down to 7-10.

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    Jun 2009
    Im not that concerned with Stat

    If he comes of the bench Woody will find a role for him

    Novak is a complete waste on D but huge = on O

    If Stat can at least hustle/try like steve his results will be better than Kaine with equal fire power

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