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Here is where I absolutely disagree. Crawford has had a significant injury to which he tried to rehab and failed. That being said, Arod has not had a full season since 2008. that's four years. With arod in his late 30's I'm beginning to think his isn't going to change. He injury side of this is the more interesting thing. I am about 70% certain that Crawford has more Abs left than Arod. More important he has more effective Ab's.

If the trade worked out for both teams, I like Crawford game better. He reason the Yankees did not advance is they have too many guys who hit HR. when you face better pitching home runs are hard to come by. Look at our successful campaigns, guys like Sojo, Vizcaino, Polonia end up doing something. Against good pitching you aren't going to see a many mistakes. When arod is bad he can't touch the ball, half his abs are strikeouts! How many close games did the Yankees play where a run in the bottom of an inning would win the game. Lead off Walk, SB, sacrifice and sac fly gets you a run. Too few guys on this team can do this! Crawford, Ichiro, Jeter are guys who can do this. Waiting for Ibanez to hit a HR isn't going to us far!

This is NOT just specific to this past postseason.

This has been going on for a decade now offensively.