If only LA will bite once more. But I think this could be a trade which works. A-rod is not a train wreck in the field, but he is a train wreck in NY. LA where the fan base is less harsh is a lot better place for him. Now look, no one is going to take A-rod's 110 million off our hands. His contract as it compares to crawford is 13 million more (without some bonuses).

Crawford is a good fit for NY in that he plays the outfield which is a need. If you go with my last thread you could have Crawford, Granderson and Ichiro, with Gardner probably playing a bunch. The deal probably will involve the Yankees forking over some cash but not a lot. The Dodgers would move Ramirez back to short and A-rod to third. LA has nothing at 3b, but neither do we. I would not mind taking a chance at Youkliss, although that starts getting expensive (and he has not been healthy). But if Chicago doesn't pick up his option he costs 16 million. If they do, he could probably be had for lesser talent.

Here is the bottom line: A-rod is not a good fit here, and while he says he wants to stay, moving across to LA may suit the Dodgers fine. Crawford who is far from perfect, could provide the Yankees a good player in return. The hope is change of scenery boost both players. What I like about Crawford he is left handed, has speed, and doesn't strikeout. Crawford is also 32.

Probably a long shot, but wouldn't mind Crawford in Pinstripes and A-rod in Dodger blue