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I have a feeling we will probably go best player available in the first round between WR/DT/G/MLB. I don't really see it being necessary to trade up to get Keenan Allen when in all reality his talent level is about on par with Da'Rick Rodgers who I would be fine trading up in the third to grab.

The more I think about it the idea of taking Warmack in the fist round, if he is available is probably not a bad idea. I figure with both him and Kalil we probably won't need to draft another lineman for quite a long time. If we can't re-sign Loadholt getting a lineman is going to become a much bigger priority.
First off at this pace we may not even be in a position to have to trade up for Allen. We could easily finish the season 6-10 and picking in the low teens. Secondly if we put off wide receiver until the middle rounds again then we are going to be sticking ourselves in the same position as the past two seasons, very little receiving talent. We need to bring in one of the best receiving prospects in this draft. To me Allen has stud written all over him.

To what it all comes down to is wide receiver is the one position on this team we cannot survive with for another season. If continue to roll out Jenkins, Simpson and Aromashodu we are never going to become a serious offensive threat. DT, MLB and G are huge needs but not ones that I see being more pressing than a wide receiver. If we had to we could survive with KWilliams and Guion at DT, Fusco, Schwartz and Johnson at guard and Brinkley at MLB. Obviously those are going to change next season but my point is none of those positions look any where near as pathetic as our wide receivers do.

I can all but guarantee a wide receiver will be taken in one of the first two rounds. Rick Spielman has been using high picks to surround Ponder with help. The year Ponder was drafted we took Rudolph in the 2nd and then this past season we took Matt Kalil. Spielman has been using our 1st round picks on our most pressing needs. The last two drafts prove that as we have taken a QB and a LT, the two biggest things this team needed the past 2 off seasons. I think it's all but a guarantee we go with a wide receiver very early.