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If Hankins from Ohio State or Star from Utah aren't available, I think we should go receiver.

1. Hankins
2. Woods from USC (I think he drops to the second)
3. BPA
4. Honey Badger

I'd be pretty happy if that's how our draft this year goes down. We need to get a WR in one of the first two rounds though that's for sure.
Unless something happens at the combine I don't see Hankins or Star being available outside of the top ten picks. I would love to have either one, but I am not supporting trading up to get either of them with such a deep draft at that position.

If we could get Woods I would be ecstatic. However, I read somewhere that he may consider returning to USC in hope of raising his draft stock. I hope that isn't the case because he would be a great value in round 2, even if we had to trade up to get him.