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We were an average team last year, no doubt much better than this year's version, but average nonetheless. We were not good enough to compete for a championship. In order to compete, we brought in a new GM who saw a need to tear it down and start again...in order to compete for a championship.

7-4 is as pointless an argument as the one regarding McFadden being all-world for 6 games. The season is 16 games and the product we had last year wasn't good enough.

I can understand the frustration, but the constant beating of this drum is very much akin to a child in the backseat constantly crying about whether we are there yet.

Last year is gone, and no matter how much you complain, its never coming back. We understand your point, truly. But it has become nothing more than *****ing.

More than that, supporting Hue Jackson does nothing but illustrate how poorly you guys perceive his flaws. He is unemployable as a HC....and very likely as an OC based on his time here.

Beyond the lack of discipline was an acute lack of accountability, illustrated perfectly by his allowing McClain to play after the incident in Alabama. Which, btw, directly preceded our 1-4 slide into ignominy.

Hue got exactly what he deserved.


Reg hasn't torn anything down... Last year is gone you are correct, I don't care about last year but to say Reg has torn it down to rebuild is bull.... He has only cut some players checks and got rid of couple guys that we couldn't afford.... He picked up a couple of players woopti woop... He needs to make his decision clear if he is going to tear it down and rebuild then do it and make some trades for the future ...