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    Rapid Reactions, Want YOUR Opinions

    Well it was a tight one but we pulled it out. Still alive. God damn Bears couldnt help us out earlier but we live another week.

    Romo was amazing. O Line was awful in the first half but he was mistake free, took sacks when there was nothing and made all the throws he had to besides that one to Witten where it was reversed because it hit the ground. Great job of buying time on the record breaker too.

    Run game is BACK! And we will need it badly if we will make a run in DEC. Although the O Line was shaky from time to time, they stepped up when they had to and made Demarco's life easy with the run game.

    Dez, holy ****. Last month of games, it definitely has been Planet Dez. Real excited for this guy if he can stay out of trouble.

    Defense. Ugh. Made the play when they needed to thanks to JBP and Mo. MLBs need to step up, pass rush needs to enter the game, and secondary needs to stop playing so loose.

    Lets continue it next week.

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    Dez is becoming what we all hoped he could be. He has been phenomenal over the past what 5/6 games?

    Murray is a difference maker. Our O-line stilll blows cack.

    Romo 10-10 3 TD's and a win. . .

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    As many of you know I am usually very critical of Romo and he may have thrown at Witten's feet a few times but I will give him all the credit, he really did play great tonight. I am happy and wish we saw this more often. I am also going to credit Garrett for calling plays that take some shots down the field. As the game got going and we stopped doing the short passes/dumps we started gaining chunks of yards by going downfield. Hopefully the success of these plays will be recognized and we can see more of them in the coming weeks.

    Carr, all I can ask is WTF? Dude you got paid $50.1mil at least try to play like you want to earn it like you did early in the preseason/season.

    McCray uhh yea not very good.

    Ogle tree...why is he still on the roster? Why is he still getting reps in games? I am honestly confused by this.

    Claiborne, not great not bad, pretty solid though.

    Victor Butler played well and showed some promise.

    Spencer and Ware both played well and definitely were trying their ***** off.

    I know we are missing Coleman and Ratliff but I am seeing the need to draft a NT and move Ratliff over so he can hopefully not be injured so often. Crawford, our rookie DE struggled but I saw why coaches and reporters say he has a hell of a motor.

    Austin got the TD, but I am seeing him as less valuable to us and definitely someone we could/should consider trading.

    Cole/Dwayne did well with their limited reps and I hope to see them get more and more.

    Dez, my man Dez. I am so happy this guy is coming through and he has so much room left to get better. They are also finally calling plays that take advantage of his skill set and abilities. If I had more time/energy I would go back and check the threads earlier in the preseason/season about people wanting to cut/trade the kid. He has shown so much improvement in so many areas. Props to him.

    Can't forget Murray. Complete game changer and so necessary for our offense to operate the way it needs to. I really wouldn't mind getting another RB in the third if we keep Austin because we need to have two backs that can maintain this level (or close) of production so if Murray goes down our offense doesn't take a complete nose dive.

    Edit: Forgot because forgetting our OL is preferred. Free as we all know is absolutely terrible and apparently the most penalized player in the NFL. Garrett or Callahan or someone needs to fine this guy for his penalties and play.

    Smith actually played pretty well and held it down on the goal line and a few passing plays most notably.

    Livings played a solid game as did Bernie. I was impressed with Bernie getting out in front of Murray on one play. Cook did well and allowed Tony to climb the pocket on more than a few occasions.
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    Always happy to come out with a win, though, I just have that feeling that they'll need to play a lot better against our remaining 4 games, who I consider better teams. The defense has really gone downhill. The pass coverage, the tackling and the soft calls. If Brown didn't fumble that ball, not sure what would have happened because the defense didn't seem like they could stop them. It's lucky that the offense kept scoring.

    Other thoughts. They need to keep the camera on Candice longer. Is she a pop singer?

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    All I can say is, at least the offense played well. Although, I still believe they have to start faster.

    Romo and Dez look good..hope Romo keep looking for him. Murray is HUGE...just need him to stay healthy. As everyone has said and have always said, this Oline is crippling. I watched a lot of games this weekend, and I don't see anyone else's line that's this bad. It can't just be personnell...I can't believe that. It seems like there are other teams with injuries on the Oline and they have an ok run game and give their QB least some time! Too frustrating to watch...

    On Defense...this is the same story as last year. They start the year in the top 5 and all of a sudden, teams figure it out. They begin to absolutely destroy us. Giving up a lot of 3rd down conversions in the first half...horrible to watch. Not sure what's up with Ryan, and I understand you have injuries, but everyone deals with it.

    Anyway, another week, another nail biting performance. I just wish they'd put together a full game.

    Definitely need to win out here...starts with Cincy!

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    @619...I cant trash the D getting worse as the year has gone on beacause of the HUGE # of injuries to the defense at some critical positions....they even said it during the broadcast...rat, 2 ILB, safety....that' tough for any team to overcome...

    good win, had to have it...

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    The defense made a stop when we needed them. That was huge.

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    Romo played a good game...Murray makes so much of a difference..I'm just afraid he get used too much (but the team needs to use him in order to be effective)...Free is....need I say more, with so many injuries on the D..I'm surprised we played that well...the Bengals are going to be a tough tough game
    Die hard Atlanta Braves, Dallas Cowboys and New York Knicks fan.

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    The Cincy game will be tough. I almost want to say put Claiborne on AJ Greene and maybe have a safety help over the top. Carr was getting torched by much less talented Eagles WRs. That said the TD that the one guy caught on Carr was offensive PI. You could see the guy holding Carr's arm as he prepared to catch the ball. Regardless Carr has got to step it up. This game also showed why we need some better safeties.

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    We were missing missing Coleman, Ratliff, Carter, Lee, Scandrick and Church. I know Ratliff is the only one who will play again for us this season but missing those other 5 guys will hurt our defene. I hope Ratliff is back next week for Cincy.

    Our boys never gave up and we made plays when we needed to at the end of the game. I'm ready for Cincy!!

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    we have so many injuries. our defense will struggle. Guys have to do more then what they should, because of that. carr looks worse then he is, because of the bad safeties we have back there. we are down both starting ILB. Our most important component to our team, is horrible. The oline is complete crap.

    we should cut free right now. Let parnell or someone else play. cant be worse then free. If not for romo, we would be a 1 win team.

    all that said, our playmakers will at least make us competitive.
    and our line is young, so tyron, livings, bern, and whoever is playing center, at least in theory, should get better has the season wears on, and should, because of there youth, maybe improve? lets face it. they arent going to get worse.


    im very happy with how some players have stepped up though. dez bryant, being the biggest. he is really coming through, and shown alot for me. spencer has come through, and claiborne has been solid. not great, but good enough for me to think he will be an eventual allstar, and great pick up.
    tyron has been bad, but has shown great flashes, again, enough for me to think he will be a future allstar at the position, and will cont. to improve.

    murray is a big question mark for me. can he stay healthy? can you depend on him, for 16 games, and the post season?

    he can be a top 3 back in the nfl, and it dont mean **** if he is hurt 8 games a year.

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    I think Murray stands a better chance of being healthy if we have an OL that can block for him and he is getting tackled by LBs or DBs. Big difference between 260lbs LBs or 200lb DBs and 300+ lb players on the DL.

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    Our D is playing with a bunch of scrubs right now sucks..beginning of the season we had top 5 D..and the offense was some *** its the other way around..injuries have def. killed us again this year..and damn that o-line is the worst..i am so sick of doug free

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