Someone had called up the Felger & Mazz radio show and had asked, what are the chances we see another Pats vs Giants SB again? Now what I'm gonna say is gonna upset a lot of people. But if that does happen I would have to root for the Giants and the reasons being, the Giants have our number. We should of beaten them in SB 42 but we played like crap and SB 46 also wasn't our game to win. If Gronk was healthy and Welker didn't drop the pass Brady threw for the first down, we could of and should of won that SB. I'm always gonna be a Patriots fan until the day I die. But there is a time when every die hard fan as to admit defeat. But who knows if both teams do meet up again in the SB maybe just maybe, third times the charm? I hope the Giants don't win another SB against us, but when they enter the playoffs their scary and that's what scares me. So have you say and keep this respectable.