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    Quote Originally Posted by ring91013144043 View Post
    It's not running up the score like Brady and the Pats do. That one, you can say that the defense has to stop them. The way Harbaugh runs up the score and rubs it in the opponent's face is unnecessary things like the fake field goal against the Raiders or the 2 point conversion against us to make it 28-7 instead of 27-7. That's just unnecessary and poor sportsmanship. He has no right to complain about a handshake, and to his credit he didn't. When asked about it he just shrugged it Tomlin passed off his handshake
    I have no problem with either of those plays, even the one against us. It was actually to make it 29-7 instead of 28-7. If we had stopped them, that's some momentum for us and it could have come back to bite them. We didn't execute, I won't blame Harbaugh for us not executing.

    And the Raiders were asking for it. Did you see what they were wearing??

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    Just think if Batch didn't miss Wallace wide open & Sanders didn't drop the ball he would have had 350+ yards & 3 TD's lol

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