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He's looked rough this year, but a handful of times (and I'm still convinced last night's Nelson TD was one) he simply has not had the safety help over the top.

But in case you missed it, after that TD Webster had a hell of a game the rest of the way. Beyond the pick too. In run support and coverage he was great and finally getting physical at the line.

He's not leaving anytime soon, but his role may change. He's already not getting exclusive work on #1 WRs; he and Prince change in up and seem to play sides rather than matchups.

Prince was taken in the 1st to be the #1 CB. He's been incredible the last few games and looking like a starter. So Webster may just slip to a #2 spot and he's a great guy to have there. Next year T2 should be ready to go and Hosley will only get better. I think we have 3-4 solid CBs next year, so depending on the value they get at their spot in the draft, I don't expect them to go high for a CB.

If they're picking on need we just might see them go RB again or DE (with Osi and Tuck on the decline).
GGGGGG Men you really think T2 will be ready for next season? I think he's done as a Giant, poor guy can never be healthy...