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    WR Position Battle: Reuben Randle VS Ramses Barden

    Guys I just don't get it. Ramses Barden put up a monster game against Carolina. Reuben Randle prior to last night has been struggling... It's likely that Eli just doesn't trust Barden on routes but I truly suspect and feel that Barden has the potential to be a really good WR if given the opportunity to play. I think Barden will be gone after this year and I can easily see him end up on another team and put up monster numbers that we'll regret.

    But I guess my main point is which WR do you prefer as our no. 3 I like Randle, I just feel like he's getting a chance over Barden and that doesn't sit right... Thoughts...
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    I agree barden did look very good just to dissapear for the rest of the season but like you said the giants arent going to sign barden after this year and they would like randle to get the reps so he can emerge. There is more upsdie to playing randle. And last night he looked very good

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    Agreed to what is written above. The issue with Barden is he needs to make a splash when he gets his handful of reps and not just abuse the third corner one game when everyone is focused on Nicks and Cruz.

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    Ok, first things first. I love Barden, but he doesn't deserve much based off the Carolina game. It's one game and he was playing against a rookie CB all night and their D was very very very soft that night.

    He had some good battles in Philly, but other than that he's struggled a bit. He makes the most of his opportunities, sure, but he also can't get separation off the line and even the few red zone chances he gets he's just too slow. He's running a fade and Eli has to wait on the throw for a second and it costs them.

    He's a 3rd round project that they've invested a lot of time in and is still coming slowly.

    But we also have a ton of talent at WR. Hell I still believe Jernigan can be an ok target if given a chance.

    So they draft Randle in the 2nd who some guys had ranked as a low 1st early 2nd. The guy is very talented. Like could be a #1 one day in this league. Still has to get the system, but ever since the Browns game it seems he's catching on enough to be the #3 and I think after last night he might have taken Hixon's job.

    I like Randle. Better potential and long term investment which is what we need with Cruz and Nicks coming to the end of their contracts. Barden, I think we know what we have and I still think they'll keep him after this season. Knowing this system is very valuable and they need a guy who can step in and play if Cruz and Nicks both go down.

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    I said that coming into the season this season was Barden's chance to show his proof and unfortunately has not shown much besides the Carolina game. Randle has better upside, and therefore will be worth more to Big Blue going down the stretch.

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    Randle is a better route running and a more physical manningham. However, I dnt think the coaching staff trusts him quite as much as they do hixon who has put up good numbers when hes healthy.

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