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we are genetically predispositioned to be prejudicial.
It is a survival instinct.by being able to identify "likeness" babies know who they should be able to trust.
We then either foster,or work to overcome that instinct, but it is always there to some degree IMO.
Just like with addiction, you can stop smoking for twenty years, but that doesnt change the reward response that will take place if you choose to have a smoke..its there now...just waiting..
I understand Longhorns perception...but more importantly, I hope he understands that he is a slave to those shackles hes placed on himself,which is unfortunatley at the heart of many ,many conservative ideologues.
I'm not sure I agree with the original statement here. If I had the ability to choose with whom I would associate in life fro this context, I would choose people unlike me, so that skill sets and abiliies would be complimentary, not competitive.