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    ANY information would be helpful

    Hello All i have just been offered 2 tickets to Sundays game vs the Vikings. I am looking for last min flights out of Rhode Island to come up to green bay but can not find any ones under 1000. Do you guys know any cheaper ways to fly in IE flying to Milw. or Chicago and taking the Train? and info would help thanks i would be looking to come up Sat

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    try flying into Appleton. About 40 minutes away from Green Bay

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    I would consider flying into Milwaukee and renting a car. Lambeau is a very easy 2 hour drive up I-43 from Milwaukee. Flights into Green Bay on or around game day are going to be much more expensive, and the smaller airports tend to be more expensive in general. Unless O'Hare is considerably cheaper, I wouldn't consider that because it would be an extra two hours on the road each way versus MKE.

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