Its late but figured I would make a thread in case somebody wanted to talk about the game.

Just when you think that this team has turned the corner and starting to put the pieces together they go out and lose to a 1-9 Jacksonville team. Its even more frustrating when you consider that with a win they would only be 1-game back of a wild card spot.

This was a game they needed to win especially with Green Bay, Houston and Indianapolis all still left on the schedule. I can see them going 6-10.

I put the majority of the blame for the loss today on the offense. They only put up 19 points on a team that had only allowed less than 27 points once in their previous 10 games. The turnovers didn't help either.

But on the defensive side of the ball they stepped it up but still showed issues that need to be cleaned up. They let Chad Henne come in and complete 8 passes of 20+ yards. I liked the pressure they got on the quarterback. Zach Brown is getting better and showing promise. They better get Verner signed in the offseason he is their best player in the secondary. Michael Griffin has got fined and penalized how many times this year for illegal hits and yet still is out there doing it repeatedly.