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    Quote Originally Posted by Tram0n man View Post
    need o line

    saturday blows, newhouse will look like a god on one play then absolute dog **** the next, lang has had a pretty poor season and eds is nothing but a back up you can get through A game with

    d line would be nice too and a different o coordinator
    So you want to fire Clements?

    It's a loaded question so I'll go ahead with my thought.

    Why would we fire Clements? Its the same thing we deal with here at U of Iowa. The OC calls the play, it runs through the HC and he either changes it or scraps it altogether. How is that productive to fire your first year OC that doesn't even own the playcalling? Were you wanting him fired when he was the QB coach last year? He's not doing anything different now except his title. I don't understand why people are making him the scapegoat.
    If I facepalmed any harder I would have cracked my own skull.

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    What changes would you like too see made?

    Nothing is going to happen this year and it shouldn't for a 7-4 team trying to make a playoff push. I have all kinds of crazy ideas too, but we all need to chill the **** out for this year and discuss this more in February after we see how this year plays out. Not disagreeing with most of the ideas though for the record, especially losing the ZBS.

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