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Exactly Moreno wasn't a bust he was injured after his good rookie seasons stfu burch you don't know ****. Moreno has been disrespected by fans like you. Good thing your a idiot who can't be takin serious. Biggest Moreno hater we have is you.
Oh my the burning sting of being told off by a 12 year old is almost to much to handle. How ever will I face the day?

You need to ask around. I was the biggest supporter of Moreno being draft. Me and Denver Boy went around and around and around. I loved this kid in school. In fact I was completely bummed out watching him in his final year because we had Shanny and there was no way Shanny was going to draft a RB in the first. My first year here I wore a Moreno sig. So this ignorant child Raidelike rant of yours needs to stop. Your just making yourself sound and look foolish.

You talk like I dont want to see him do good. I have asked and asked show me his high light film of him busting runs longer than 25 yards? Show me his AP, MJD, Rice like runs that say 12th over all? Show me. I would love to see him finally come around. So far since he came back good. I love the way he is running. I am a Bronco fan dumb dumb and unlike you I dont think half the team is trash. So grow up I was the first one in here today giving him credit.