jonas or bargs
davis or amir
ross or fields

Imo we have too many players that are near and around the same skill level..

we need to package some of our players for an upgrade at the 3.

- i can def live with out fields knowing ross could take his mins. ross is cheaper and could have more potential.

- davis and amir. both players are very similar. trade one and keep the other! we need more playing time for either one of these guys. either one can go so long as we keep one of them. oooor keep them both and move bargs.

- jonas has shown already that he will be a big part of this team, lets move bargs along with one of the other names mentioned above for some talent at the 3.

* i was gonna add lowry and calderon. but im hopeing we can retain calderon for the midlevel or less next season.

who would you prefer to keep, and who are you willing to part with ??