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Pretty sure it's a sports forum and I'm entitled too my opinion. You don't like it, put me on ignore. Or ignore my post. Cano is lazy. Anyone who watches him jog down to first knows it.

Oh and I'm not the only person who think's cano is lazy. I go to ruffly 40 games a year and almost everyone I talk to at the stadium agree's. Oh and there are plenty of posters on here who call cano lazy.

As far as money, he signed boras as his agent, which means he wants the biggest pay day possible..hence my opinion of him only caring about money.

Is his the best second baseball in baseball, sure he is. But I still think he could hustle more. A lot more. If he put the effort that guys like Jeter do, he would have a higher BA/OBP.

Maybe lazy is the wrong word. But his lack of hustling is disgusting.
You have the right to an opinion, it doesn't make that opinion anymore credible.

My response was regarding you saying that Cano doesn't care about winning and only cares about money.

You don't know his priorities, you don't know what he's thinking, you don't know why he plays, you don't know him.

You're right. Lazy was the wrong word. A non top prospect that eventually becomes an MVP-caliber player can never be 'lazy'. You need a serious work ethic to become an impact player that Cano is.

I'm not opposed to trading Cano. Just not for the reasons you provided.