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Crazy trade idea, but hear me out... first let me say I know this won't ever happen but meh...

Cano, Nova(or Hughes), Nunez, and Logan for Morse, Desmond, Ramos, and Rendon?

Why I think the Nationals would do this: Cano would be a huge plus for that lineup... Span, Harper, Cano, Zimmerman, Werth, Suzuki, Nunez, and add in LaRoche or another 1B into that mix, heck of a lineup. They're in the market for a SP too, so Hughes or Nova would be a nice fit behind Strasburgh, Gio, and Zimmerman. I'm assuming they might want Nova over Hughes due to team control. I don't see any lefties in their bullpen either, Logan would be a nice power arm to add to their impressive pen with Storen, Clippard, Stammen, and Garcia. Then Nunez could see what he could do full time at SS. Danny Espinosa becomes a super UTL player.

Why I think the Yankees should do it: Plus Morse into RF for a year see what he can do. Ramos becomes the starting catcher until Sanchez is ready, then is expendable... he's obviously better than Stewart or Cervelli too. Yankees could still have a strong rotation with CC, Kuroda, Pettitte, Hughes/Nova, and Phelps or a free agent signing. They don't really need Logan, imo too. We've got some talented lefties. To me Desmond would be the prize in this deal though, but I really like him.

i would do the trade but don't think the Nationals would. Even though Cano is a superstar i would rather have Desmond,Ramos,Morse and Rendon