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Prepare to get mauled by all the Pro-Swisher fans we unfortunately have. To them, he's Mantle, Gehrig and Ruth all rolled into one, with a GREAT smile.
Because people are really comparing him to Mantle, Gehrig or Ruth...

I'm not even a pro-Swisher guy. If he leaves I'm fine with it. I just don't think replacing our 2nd best hitter with Ichiro really makes this team better or even nearly as good.

Because of his ineptitude in the playoffs people here are severely underrating what he does in the regular season. Thats all the argument is to me. Completely fine with Swisher leaving but the downgrade from him to Ichiro is huge and one I don't think the team can deal with when there are already a couple other positions being downgraded offensively (most likely) just by virtue of age and decline.