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    Quote Originally Posted by JWO35 View Post
    The lions need to view best as a "he's not coming back" alternative...I think they viewed it as "he'll be back..." this year due to the lack of addressing the back field via draft/FA. I think we need to draft another RB and move on, best case scenario being best coming back as a returner or WR
    honestly I don't want them to invest in agency should have a scat back available its not like you are looking for an every down back anyhow. As far as a return man goes I hope they don't invest in that just to get another Logan type player.

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    Quote Originally Posted by det32 View Post
    im not as optamstic on him as u.. i think he is done
    I agree, not like a knee or ankle injury where later in life can get replaced, its your brain, no replacing that

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