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personally as a coach, i would put in more defensive players than their are offensive players. lowry-derozan-mcguire-bargnani-jval. 3/5 are good defensively.

bargnani and calderon cannot be on the court together either late in the game when it matters. i really do not think calderon is good down the stretch. actually he's been pretty bad, and part of that being is that late in the game the guy who handles the ball is the PG, so a lot of the times we are seeing opposing PG's just taking it to calderon.
Jose wasn't covering the Parker yesterday. He was on Danny Green in crunch time.

Putting in McGuire would have left the team with very little outside shooting. If Lowry and JVal do a pick and roll, there will be no spacing as the Ds would slack off Dom and Demar.

If we had Alan Anderson then I would understand this complaint but I am unsure what else the coach can do to get his team late buckets. He needs some shooting out there.