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    Warriors will win a Championship in less than 10 years. Mark my WORDS.

    The Golden State San Francisco Warriors will win a championship and it will probably occur somewhere 5-10 years from now, right around the time when the San Francisco arena opens up. I had lost faith in the team many times, but have become more of a believer.

    I actually believe the Warriors are almost a championship team right now. If they had Rush, they would be even a step deeper. Before the season started, I was quite insulted that a lot of NBA fans said that the Warriors might be an 8th seed caliber team. Right now they are in the 5th seed, right where I thought they would be at this time.

    Let's look at the championship teams the last two years. You have Miami and Dallas. There isn't one person that doesn't think the Warriors could beat these teams regularly or on any given day.

    The Miami Heat are just never real deep. They consist mainly of Lebron James. We have learned throughout the years that having a team embellished with chemistry and depth is just as good as having a team full of superstars. The Miami Heat won with their stars last year and the mavs won with their one star and their depth.

    But it is quite embarrassing how a team like Miami can still be considered the favorites when they still lack so much. They don't have a true center. They don't have an Andrew Bogut. They don't have a Festus Ezili. Heck, they don't even have an Andris Biedrins at the center. What they do have is they have a power forward in Chris Bosh moving to the center in a small ball lineup and they have a 6 foot 9 Joel Anthony.

    Btw I think Chris Bosh is highly overrated. Yea, he makes the all star team every year for some odd reason. He doesn't have the passing of David Lee, that is fact. He doesn't rebound as well as Lee. You can argue all you want and say that it's cuz of Wade and Bron owning the glass and if that is true it's sad but it's a fact. David Lee is underrated and at his best he is and he did put Bosh to shame when they played each other. Also, truth be told in all honesty Lee can hit the mid range jumper like no other PF in the NBA not named Dirk Nowitski.

    Miami doesn't have the Carl Landry's, the Andrew Boguts, the David Lee's. They just don't. The Warriors are deeper, bigger, and more complete than the Miami Heat. Am i saying they are better? No, I'm not saying that but heck if you can tell me your a bigger team than the Heat, you're going to out rebound them, you have real centers, you have youth, heck I'll take that over one or two superstars who don't compliment each other along with Bosh. That's why on 2k13, I dominated the Heat. They don't got the size we got. They don't got the BOGUTS or the EZILI's or the Landrys or the Lees. No they don't got it. They just have Lebron and Wade who have overlapping talent. We should be up there getting the trophee dammit.

    You look at Dallas from 2 years ago. Their only true star was Dirk Nowitski. But they had size in Tyson Chandler. They had depth, but the Warriors have Carl Landry Jarret Jack Festus Ezili boom boom boom type depth. The Mavericks had a 38 year old point guard, a 5 foot 6 back up guard, and okay they had Terry who is like a Landry but at the off guard spot. Our line up 1-12 holds our own. We got it all.

    Harrison Barnes is going to be a superstar very soon. Mark my words. Mark My words. This guy can do it all. His athleticism has always been underrated because he has always been passive. But he also had tremendous size. And you saw the way he stuffed it in Pecovic's face. See you later, grab some pine Meat head. Having said that, he is a super star that will compliment the rest of the stars we have.

    In all honesty talent wise, there are very few teams who I would favor over the Warriors. And those teams are aging. No I don't think Boston is better than us. Give me a break. Paul Pierce and Garnet are still okay but come on now. We technically should beat them with Bogut. Without Rondo, they are nobodies with no bench.

    The only teams I would possibly favor would be (okay maybe Miami) only because they are veterans. Then there is the Spurs. Then there is the formidable Thunder. Possibly the Grizzlies. And that's it. Really. The Lakers might match up against the Warriors because of the Gasol and Landry type match ups. But on paper, I'm going to wager to say the Warriors are top 5 and I say that with no exaggeration by any stretch of the imagination. Im not gonna act like the Clippers are better when Lee matches Griffin, yea I have the balls to say that! They have Chris Paul and a bunch of ex warriors on their bench, plus a 40 year old in Hill. Don't hype up the Clips. And we all know that if we had Bogut at full strength, we should annihilate Denver.

    At full strength the roster is their guys. If Curry is as good or the 44 million dollar player that you guys tout him, if Thompson is the player that people around the league think he can become, if Harrison Barnes really is a star, and if we really do have the size, the shooting, and the depth, then don't SIT her and tell me we're a number EIGHT seed! That is ludicrous!!!!!!!! We can beat all these teams if we really wanted.

    Now, I know this all makes me sound like a hypocrite. I sort of have a Matt Steimetz or Charles Barkley view on the Warriors. But I KNOW we have the talent. I just don't know if they will decide to show up consistently. Who knows, maybe Thompson decides to repeat his mistakes on purpose to increase his number. Even Curry after the game said he wishes some of his other shots went in, so that means he is not playing for the win. So I do tend to think they won't get in this year in all honesty, but what I'm saying is that theoretically if all things went as good as can get, this Warriors team is easily a top 5 in the NBA. If you been following them and judging them non biased, then u can see what I see.

    And yes they will win it in the next 5 to 10 years. When you have talent in that water arena with Bob Myers and Joe Lacob and Peter Gruber running the show, this team is going to attract special things. NEVER doubt that and have COMFORT in my feelings.
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