Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times brings word today that B.J. Upton is nearing a decision, with the Braves and Phillies firmly in the mix:

Upton is looking to make a decision this week, with both the Braves (who brought in former manager Bobby Cox to impress during his visit) and Phillies considering him their top choice.
Figured this was worth its own thread, since Upton isn't just another offseason rumor at this point. All depends on price, of course, but I'm on the record as thinking his upside is worth ponying up for in this winter's free-agent class. I also think his floor is higher than people give him credit for; there's nothing wrong with a .750-ish OPS center fielder who plays great defense and swipes 30 bags a year.

Regardless of what happens, it will be nice to have this domino fall early in the winter, so the Braves can go into the rest of the offseason knowing whether or not they could land their top free-agent target.

Let's keep the updates in this thread as they come out...