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    Even our players are criticizing

    Check this article out bynum & prince feel just like us lol....but to be honest last nite was franks best game as far as coaching goes. That's not saying much considering he didn't put drum back in until they cut a 13pt lead down to 1. Now i would be all for frank if he can coach a lil more like last night man up & put max on the bench,start drummond. The raptors start their rookie center over veterans like amir johnson & we all seen drummond man handle j.val(lol) what do yall think?


    By Dan Feldman ē 11:05 am ē November 23, 2012

    Tayshaun Prince, to the shock of no one, became the first Pistons player this season to criticize Lawrence Frank. Well, Will Bynum is apparently joining the party. Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

    After saying he wished Singler were still on the second unit because he enjoyed playing with him, Bynum told the Free Press: "Iím having to adjust to everybody. Iím playing with so many different people. First I go from not playing with (Rodney) Stuckey to playing with Stuckey every day. I go from playing with Kyle all the time to never playing with Kyle. Iím playing with Tayshaun (Prince). Early on I was playing with Brandon (Knight) and I never played with him in two years since Iíve been here. Itís all over the place right now."

    Combine that comment with Prince questioning the substitution pattern and time-out usage of coach Lawrence Frank during the pathetic third quarter of Wednesday nightís 94-80 debacle against the Magic, and we have reached familiar territory when it comes to the Pistons.

    Things havenít reached the point of no return, but itís obvious as the losses mount that players are beginning to publicly question Frankís decision-making process.

    Tone is everything here. Bynum might have just been explaining the downside of lineup decisions he supports in sum. But Iíll trust Ellis, who clearly wrote that Bynum was questioning Frank.

    Frank has already lost the fans. Heís beginning to lose the traditional media. I donít know whether heís lost the players, but he appears headed in that direction.
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