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    Quote Originally Posted by sixer04fan View Post
    Thanks for making the game thread, SL. Sorry about that, I was away this weekend with no access to a computer. I'll be getting the next one up tomorrow as usual.

    I was able to watch the game tonight though. A thriller, and a heart breaker unfortunately. Don't have time to get into all of it right now, but the major points on the game to me were:

    1) Loved what I saw from Turner and Thad for the most part. They really stepped it up.

    2) The refs really took us out of the game in the 3rd quarter. That was ridiculous.

    3) Can't believe they caught fire from three in OT like that after being cold the entire game. Just unlucky for us, I guess.
    This. Especially the first part about the game thread - not home for the weekend, and didn't manage to get online until the 3rd quarter. My bad. Thanks SL!

    Quote Originally Posted by RickyPrior View Post

    1. Great game from Thad. Holy moly.

    2. Very, very good game from ET. It'd have been great had he done anything - at all - in the entire first quarter or not turned it over - twice - late in regulation.

    3. Despite NewEra's arguments to the contrary, when a team MAKES twice as many foul shots as you TAKE...that's a hard game to win.

    4. You can't give up 18 offensive boards either. Come to think of the hell did we hang with them?

    5. Bad miss from Thad from 15 feet down the stretch...super-choke-short-arm from Lavoy from the same spot...and an open look from Wright. Hit ANY of those, we win.

    6. New sprained ankle killed us too. JRich was 5 for 7 with 13 points in half his minutes. Plus his energy was was his leadership.

    7. This constant relying on outside shooting is a killer. I wish we had a legit Big Man on our roster. Oh...wait...

    8. Jrue played on his heels for most of the game. Looked like he was intimidated by Westbrook. Needs a break-out game against the Suns.

    That is all.
    All of this. Especially the rebounding numbers. When I finally tuned in I checked the box score and couldn't believe it - I think they had 13 O rebounds to our 15 D rebounds at that point. Sort of amazing. Weird thing is we had way more O rebounds than usual, too. Strange.

    Was wondering what happened to JRich. Glad to hear it isn't too serious.

    Overall, encouraging game, especially from Thad (wow!) and ET (getting to the line!), but heartbreaking not to win it after getting that close.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 76erEaglePhils View Post
    People like you make these forums so frustrating for everybody.
    I imagine arguing with me might be frustrating, yes. And thank you.

    But if you stay objective...don't throw accolades like "great" around like Chiclets, you too can be a respected poster.

    Don't say a guy had a great game if he didn't. Don't go nuts if he plays a solid, single quarter. Demand more.

    Thad was great. Westbrook was great. No one else was "great". Especially Evan...who turned it over twice at the end of regulation. (You can't do that and be "great". Obviously.)

    Who knows? Maybe tonight ET will be "great". But if history is an indicator, you might have to wait another 8 games for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bholly View Post

    All of this. .
    Thank you, BHolly. Calling it as I see it and heaping big praise upon Thad and ET. Not enough for some here, apparently...but I guess that's their problem.

    I refuse to French Kiss a grown man for doing 75% of a great job.

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    yet to do it to J-Rich...

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    Lol why people even argue with the ricky guy is mind boggling, this dude no ,matger what wants to find anything to criticize turner about he could shoot 50% and score 40, have 10 assist, 10 boards and ricky will say well he didnt set a screen and didnt block enough shots. Dudericky is a joke. Obsessed with turner failing

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