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    Quote Originally Posted by GoBraves View Post
    While you guys are all discussing who we should trade for to be our LF to start the year, Evan Gattis is destroying winterball. He just hit his 15th HR last night, setting the franchise record for both HR and RBIs for the team he's playing for. DOB stated that winterball is on par with AA or AAA, talent wise.

    I think we should give this guy a chance. He wont cost you millions nor prospects. Trading Delgado may not seem such a good idea when we're looking to trade for another 4th starter at the deadline due to injuries.

    I'm on team Gattis, who is with me?
    fw had said earlier that he wished there was a better free agent class. Like i said before, wouldnt be shocked to see a gattis, francisco or js platoon, hoping someone gets the job done. If they get to the trading deadline, someone could come available. Just one guys opinion, he could trade for someone tommorow
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