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    Quote Originally Posted by iamaj
    How is a 1 game playoff justifiable when one team is 6 games better than the other? Under the old format, the Braves would have gone to Cincinnati. They could have won that series.

    Also, the Braves gained 5 wins over 2011. They got better, and that was with Hanson struggling, Jurrjens getting 10 starts, McCann hurt, Uggla's power loss and only 50 games of Simmons. I'm not saying they shouldn't try to improve, but it is not as if they were some 81-81 club that just can't get it together.
    I'm not saying the 1-game playoff was right, I'm saying everyone could have avoided it but the Braves did not, in part because of decisions they made that seemed (to some people) harmless at the time.

    Besides, how do you know we would have beaten the Reds? The Braves lost the regular season series 5-1, swept at GABP by a tally of 16-8. Are you sure you wanted any part of that place with our flyball pitchers?

    I believe fans would be best served having lowered expectations for McCann and Uggla in 2013 because both could just be on the decline. If those two come back strong, then great, it's like found money... but McCann is reaching the 30-year old/1,000 games mark when many catchers fall off. He's been injured the last few seasons actually and has five consecutive years of declining OPS. And while Uggla's walks are great, he has a nearly 150-point drop in OPS from his last year with the Marlins. Like I said, the results simply haven't been there for this lineup.
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