I know MJ doesn't make the decisions anymore, but a trade that landed Gasol would definitely help the Bobcats and our front office's image. We missed out on Harden and I think a Gasol trade could give us a huge boost. I was at the game the other night and it looked like the only guys that knew how to win were Kemba, Sessions, and MKG. The big guys were turnover prone and missed tons of easy shots and lay-ins.
I think the Lakers would at least entertain a trade with Byron Mullens and a draft pick involved. Mullens would work in D'Antoni's system as a jump and spot up shooting big man, and Gasol would give the Bobcats a much needed big man with an offensive game. Watching haywood and biyombo the other night was embarrassing on offense. They need help.

Let's go after Pau Gasol now.