Yeah I am not sure what to think about the timing. I never thought it would get done as quickly as some of the rumors end of the WS stuff. Wright even said at the end of the year that he wanted to have some time to talk things over with his family and agents and such. And after just finishing the season it seemed likely players would want to take a break of sorts.

But now we are starting to get relatively far into the FA period...and the time when a lot of moves are made. Not that the Mets are likely to be big factors in the FA market anyway, but it was said that signing Wright and Dickey were their main priorities and that what happens with them could influence the other moves they make. So at somepoint soon it seems that they'd want to have a resolution to those decisions so they can do whatever else they decide to do. And the longer this goes on the more pessimistic I become that it might not get done