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    Did the Raptors blow their opportunity?

    Been watching the Raptors games so far this year, 13 games in and can't help but wonder if they blew their opportunity to win early in the year?

    Out of the 13 games this year, I did not expect them to beat only 4 of those games, that being OKC, Dallas, Boston and Brooklyn(Debateable).

    We have played Indiana twice(we blew an 8 point lead going into 4th quarter, won the other game, almost blew that too)

    We have played Philadelphia twice(blew a 7 point lead going into the 4th(second game))

    The Utah game I dont even want to talk about, blew 5 point lead into the 4th and out of all players, jefferson hits the 3 pointer lol.

    The charlotte game, can talk about the foul all we want, that game should not have been lost and had our opportunities elsewhere.

    Blew another opportunity to put the game away last night at Detroit.

    Given the schedule we had and opportunities with the lead, do you feel that we had a pretty fair schedule to win more of these games? Based on the leads we blew and games we lost to the final shot, this could have easily been 4 wins the other way, meaning we should have at least have been off to a 7-6 start. Possibly even 8-5 if we had 5 wins the other way.

    Did we blow a favourable schedule to start the season? I ask this because it does not getting easier in the next 13 games to compare. Check out the schedule:

    The next 13 games, I can only see us winning another 3 games. Would like to hear peoples thoughts and opinions on how important the first 13 games were, if we blew it and what we can expect in the next 13 + rest of season
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