Jay's fan here. I would like to get an idea of what Joba's value is right now to the Yankee's. Always been a big fan of the guy but obviously he doesn't hold nearly the same value as he did when he first came up with the stagnation of his development, the loss of some of his "stuff" and his injuries.

I can see why fanbases would like to hold on to once heralded prospects but sometimes its best to cut loose and get what you can. For example the Jays traded a top 5 prospect at one point and the poster boy for a dreamy fanbase in Travis Snider for a middle reliever in Brad Lincoln (albeit a good middle reliever).

2 years ago I made a post here on how a Adeiny Hech for Joba trade would be good for both teams (and the response wasn't very receptive). Of course Hech has now been traded in a package for Reyes and Joba's value has dropped even further since then. At this point Joba would serve the same position on the Jays as he would on the Yankees - a longman in the bullpen and a fill in starter. We are committed too much this year to risk on his development which we would have 2 years ago.

I'm thinking something along the lines of Kevin Pillar (an very good hitting second basemen in our system) and Brett Cecil. I know quite a few Jays fans might disagree with including Pillar in what seems like a lost cause in Joba but our franchise has turned around a few arms, and I've always liked Joba.