The main ingredient. Every meal has one. Just like them ever team needs a leader. A true leader. A good football team can not perform at a high level with out one.
For every good football team you need not look very far to find it's
main ingredient.They are not merely the face of there respected
franchise but a symbol. To there fans, there coaches, and there team
mates most importantly.Without them team would be bland, lacking in flavor, and or spice.We as fans want them for the sheer joy of watching them perform there magic.Coaches want them for how easy they make every thing, And how smart they are able to make them look. Teammates want and need them for much, much more.First and foremost the great leader instills in his team mates confidence. When there backs are against the wall they need to have faith that there leader will find a way no matter what. Secondly but no less important, to be a great team that leader must command more from his teammates than they command of themselves. Only through sacrifice and discipline can a team achieve a level of consistency and greatness.Let's face it, a lot of players relax once they have made it the NFL.They become complacent, And lack the motivation to do the things necessary to achieve the ultimate goal of every team. To win a Championship. They may say all the right things one moment. The next they are out till 4 am in the morning drinking at there favorite strip clubs, And they are flabbergasted that they didn't play well the next day?. There are many different leaders. The quiet ones. The get in your face ones. The lead by example ones. There are even, And this is much more prevalent than many of us want to believe, The ones that feel forced into the role of leader. Yes I'm talking to you Jason Campbell.

The great ones allow there teammates to feel equal, and important to the foundation of the team. They inspire everyone to be the best they can be. They instil confidence into each and every player from the tight end to the nickel back.They communicate there needs and expectations in a way that everyone comprehends.In a way that takes precedent over any outside
distractions.With out them, well you needn't look any further than our own, Oakland Raiders. It isn't pretty.
In fact its quite depressing. All the talent wasted. They have no one
to show them the way. To inspire them to be greater than they are. To make the right choice for the sake of the team. To make sacrifices in order to be at there best come game day. They don't understand why they are so flat at the beginning of each football game, as well as the second halves of those games. There isn't anyone there that they KNOW has there
back. Just a lot of good player's working independently.It's like having the coolest bike in town, And nobody to ride and show it off. it just sits there looking stupid.

I don't even need to tell you the names of those great leaders. I'm sure
their names are running through your brains right now. Tom Brady, Payton
Manning, Drew Breese, And Ray Lewis just to name a few.With them, a team
can achieve any thing. Without them, well just think of the Colts the year manning went down with the neck injury.These players through sheer force of will can convince coaches that they have everything under control."Don't worry coach. I got this". Convince there fans that no team is better, And there rivals that they had better get lucky if there is any chance there going to win that day. Convince his teammates that not only is he a champion but more importantly, that they are as well.