[QUOTE=As you've already said, this team has a lot of young, talented PFs. Before they spend a ton of money on a No. 2, I think this team should see what they have with Morris, Patterson, Motiejunas and Jones first. If one of those guys steps up, we might not need to spend a ton of money on a PF.

However, if no one steps up and the Rockets still have a hole at the No. 2 spot, I'd be perfectly fine with them getting Millsap or Jefferson. I'd prefer Millsap, but Jefferson should be find defensively next to Asik. West is someone who could come a lot cheaper and provide solid offensive value, but I don't know that he'll be a significant upgrade from the Rockets' current power forwards.[/QUOTE]

Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap game is boring, the Rockets haven't an exciting athletic player to watch since Steve Francis. I think Josh Smith can rejuvenate that lost piece of action we haven't had in awhile. Besides Al Jefferson's defense, I don't see him or Millsap being a real upgrade over Patterson