True wisdom is back.

Earlier on the trip, the Bulls have involved Boozer more, and he's had more than 20 and 10 in both contests. Last season Bulls fans looked at Boozer's 15 points per game and were disappointed, but the real issue wasn't Boozer's abilities (his efficiency from midrange and in the paint were both among the best in the league), it was that he wasn't receiving enough opportunities. I did a bit of research to see how Boozer performed last season when he actually received as many opportunities as a No. 2 scorer should. Arguably the best 2nd option of all time (or at least in Bulls history) Scottie Pippen averaged about 16 shots per game from 1990-98, so I used that as a standard for about how many shots a 2nd scorer like Boozer should get. It turns out that last year in games where Boozer took at least 15 shots, he averaged 21 points on 56% shooting, compared to 12.6 points on 52% shooting when he shot fewer than 15 times. Also, Boozer averages over 10 rebounds per 36 minutes in his career. I firmly believe that if Boozer is utilized correctly, as a second scorer and not as a role player (ala Luol Deng under Vinny Del Negro), he can be the 20-10 player that he was in Utah.

Sam: Yes, the eternal Booz debate, though as many would be quick to tell you, They know Scottie Pippen and Carlos Boozer is no Scottie Pippen. Boozer usually gets the hook for his defense, which is the priority of the coach. Boozer might be better with someone like Mike DíAntoni, though heís a better coach on defense that given credit for. But Thibodeau is going to have to make some tough decisions for himself the way the offense has stumbled late in games and maybe ride Boozer more than he cares to at times. Perhaps he should just look away if he considers the view hideous.

Most predictions for the Bulls this season has been a realistic .500 record. What if they get lucky, what's the best case scenario?

Sam: 42-40? I think thatís what some are overlooking in this 5-6 start. They were generally supposed to be around .500 without Rose, and then if Rose were to return and look good maybe get up to 47 or 48 wins and go from there. The Rockets won a title after a midseason shakeup and 47 wins in 1995. No, Iím hardly suggesting that. But you lose a lot of close games when you are a .500 type team, and the Bulls appear right on schedule.