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    Quote Originally Posted by bartron_44 View Post
    It doesn't matter where they were drafted. Jonas is our best rebounder and shot blocker. He also scores very efficiently shooting 50% from the field and 78% from the FT line. He deserves to be starting. (He also deserves more touches while he is on the floor...)
    how did we find out that jonas is currently our best rebounder and best shot blocker ? by playing him. ross could be our best long range shooter and perimiter defender if given a chance to prove it.

    id rather get the most out of our young talent so that we can finish higher then an 8th seed next season or the season after next. sneaking in to the playoffs and attaining the last spot is simply not impressive to me as we have done that with bosh and some mediocre players.

    the point of the rebuild was to surpass that first round exit and the only way to do that is to maximize on the young talent we have and get the most out of our draft picks. not burrying them on the bench for guys like fields or kleiza or even anderson. i like those guys but i hope ross can be a better over all player then them but we have to let him play.

    even with anderon and fields out ross is still seeing very limited mins. its not like we could do any worst then we are now. we have injured guys, we need to give this kid a chance.
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