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Just the thought of Swisher for 4 more years makes me want to throw up.

No way do we bring Swisher back as the poster rruzbyny above suggested.

2013 will not be a "trying year." Please. Stop with the non sense. This team won 95 games and should have won a lot more had they not blown some opportunities.

One move by the Toronto Blue Jays should not put everyone into panic mode. If it does, stop watching baseball.

The Yankees are still considered the best team in this division.

If they bring back Pettitte and Kuroda they are instant favorites to repeat as AL East Champions.

2013 will not be a trying year ... it's only November so the team of course has holes.

Stop over reacting and don't discount how valuable Mariano Rivera can be in the 9th inning again.

The Yankees will fill out their 25 man roster with ball players who will give us a shot to win it all in 2013.

Of that there is no doubt in my mind.
I don't think its over reacting to be seriously concerned about this offense next year and it has nothing to do with what the Jays did. Sure there are holes right now, difference between years past is that their options to fill those holes are very limited. Good hitters that will improve the offense or match offense from last year don't take 1 year deals.

People can hate Swisher all they want but the bottom line is this team is losing its 2nd best hitter. Unless they are getting Josh Hamilton there will be a drop off in production from RF next year. And considering there is a great chance A-Rod and Tex keep declining and real concern for how Jeter will bounce back they can't lose any production in any spot in this lineup and expect the lineup to be a strong suit.

I don't know how people aren't more concerned with the lineup for next year to be honest. Obviously there is a small chance Cashman could pull off a big move and trade for a bat with some upside but chances are slim. Most likely our OF/DH will be filled by Ichiro/platoon players.