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    Oct 2010
    getting madden for the holidays. I like it better because I know the players better so for me its more enjoyable
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    Dec 2012
    I liked MAdden at first, but the ballhawk CPU defensive backs are pissing me off. I turned the interceptions way down, but they still make miracelous interceptions over the shoulder and read deep passes perfectly. I rarely have guys open for big plays, the best way is to just run the ball on first down for 5 yards, then try to throw it on second down and again run on 3rd down, because the CPU will be playing nickel or dime and playing the pass.

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    Jan 2012
    "Madden vs. NCAA Football - The Greg Miller Comparison"
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    Aug 2007
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    Anybody else having horrible issues with maddens EA server? Ive lost 20 games due to te EA server kicking me. Everything else works fine it says my internet connection is 100% but I cant play at all online. Wtf

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