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    Should the Chargers be the next team to move?

    somewhere with more fans, like LA perhaps? this is the 2nd game this year thats going to be blacked out for them

    half of their home games are going to end up being blacked out this year, and the game vs. Kansas City was only saved at the last minute so really that's 5/8 games that didn't sell out

    The San Diego Chargers say Sunday's home game against the Baltimore Ravens will be blacked out in Southern California because more than 9,000 general-admission tickets remained unsold 72 hours before kickoff.

    It will be the second blackout this season for the Chargers (4-6), who are desperately trying to remain alive in the wild-card race. Their home game against Atlanta on Sept. 23 was blacked out, as well.

    The blackout for their game against Kansas City on Nov. 1 was lifted only after several corporate sponsors guaranteed the sale of an estimated 10,000 tickets.

    San Diego is three games behind Denver in the AFC West race, a deficit that's more like four games since the Broncos swept the season series.

    Of the three remaining home games after Sunday, only the season finale against the Oakland Raiders has a realistic chance of selling out.
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    If a team ends up in LA, it will be the Chargers.

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    they should put the jags in la

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    if we are going by blackout they have a team in Tampa thats been blackout for the majority of the season.

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    Send Chargers to Portland.

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    I'd like the Chargers in LA. Just please no Raiders or Jaguars ray:
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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffG20 View Post
    if we are going by blackout they have a team in Tampa thats been blackout for the majority of the season.

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    not as long as rthe jaguars exist. they are deifently next
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