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So they admitted that one... And all the others non-calls from the refs since the beginning of the season? I guess I should keep on dreamin!
Ryan Wolstat ‏@WolstatSun
@WongSN590 Don't think NBA has admitted to other Raptors screwups this year on the record but word is they quietly have admitted 1 or 2 more.

My guess on which games they admitted.

Indiana, Utah, Charlotte.

Indiana: last possession should have been Raptors, without clear proof of possession, it was rewarded to Indiana with less than 24 sec's left. (Not an instinctive call, refs chose to give Indiana (away team) possession on the floor, with a late decision & video evidence coming back inconclusive in a questionably officiated game).

Utah: Raptors went into overtime in a tied game, DeRozan was fouled multiple times attacking the rim, had 24 shots in the paint in that game only 7 FT's. To close out the game he had a dunk on which he was fouled, should have been an and 1 with an official standing in front of the play. (In a half that saw 24 FT's - 1 in Utah's favor. Foster, the lead official for this game has been linked to big money betters).

Charlotte: 1 point game, official baseline, official sideline both had clear view of the play. The foul was not "missed" by the officials especially the skunt sideline. MKG didn't even get piece of the ball to say it was close, all arm. Before the game started a tweet went out saying the Raptors are 0-7 with Ed Malloy calling the game.

If the NBA admits to these mistakes, which we know they admitted publicly about Charlotte & others quietly, something needs to be done because these calls were not "missed". My guess, is the NBA knows, is involved & doesn't care.

Saying it's a mistake, without rectifying it, is a slap in the face. We don't need the NBA to tell us what I already know, we need the NBA to fix what we know.

Future makeup calls is not a solution either, all it does is affect another team.