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  • The Blueprint

    5 16.67%
  • Illmatic

    24 80.00%
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    See. This is all a matter of opinion.

    Reasonable Doubt, Vol. 2, Vol. 3, and Dynasty are legitimate albums.
    Blueprint album is just a cult following. KRS already had a Blueprint, his Girls, Girls, Girls..& The Takeover aren't as strong as people credit. The Doors sample owns the song, and his diss isn't even close to Ether. And I'd rather listen to Motley Crue's track than Jay's. He just dropped the album at the right time, but Songs Cry & Renegade are favorite of mine on there.

    Not to mention, Jay-Z may have the worst collaborative material I've ever heard. Dude has two atrocious albums with R.Kelly & Watch the Thrones was just an album with great productions.

    My point, ever since 2000 Jay-Z has been a gimmick with a bunch of collaborations, and focusing on himself less. Just look at 2002, Blueprint 2 & Best of Both Worlds showed that Jay-Z needs features because he wasn't what he used to be.

    I understand all artists decline with age, but Nas just doesn't look as bad. Dropping 4 albums in a 2 year period and the albums are lacking (like Jay-Z). So while Jay-Z was ****ing around/on his grind, Nas at least didn't embarass himself with lackluster material

    Illmatic, It was Written, I Am..., Stillmatic, Lost Tapes, and God's is a 12 year period where Nas delivered. He didn't need features, and gave us himself. Not a feature every song / a great production which outdhined Jay on his own song.

    Quality over Quantity argument, and Nas definitely presides over Jay in that instance.
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