First off Rocket...Grew isn't dropping passes because he's having them batted away by the DBs. Unless he calls his left hand "D", and his right hand "B".

And I haven't even once thrown ANY stats out there trying to prove ANY point - and yet basch keeps trying to say all I'm doing is talking stats-stats-stats. I haven't even looked up a Jimmy Graham stat that I can even recall!! The proof is in the guy is a lethal passing threat in a passing league that would excel greatly on this pass heavy team. In fact, correct me if I'm wrong, but pretty sure the Lions are THE MOST pass heavy team in the NFL!!! So discredit the positional player that's BETTER IN THE PASSING GAME??? Don't need ANY stats to see that!! One player is an incredible receiving tight end, the other drops a ton of balls thrown his way, and fumbles a crap load of the ones he's actually able to wrangle in. But he blocks a bit he's a better fit on the team that passes all the time?? Are you an alcoholic or something that only posts when drunk???

Gonzalez isn't PRIME right now. And neither is Gates. Both are below Graham in the current time frame - so as I've said and answered you probably 10 ****ing times - GRAHAM IS THE #2 TIGHT END BEHIND GRONKOWSKI RIGHT NOW - ARGUABLY THE #1!!! YES, THAT INCLUDES GONZALEZ CURRENTLY, AS WELL AS GATES...AND EVERY OTHER TIGHT END IN THE NFL WHICH IS WHY IT IS #2 OVERALL. THAT IS WHAT OVERALL MEANS - IT INCLUDES EVERYONE OVERALL!!!

I do not care about a "complete tight end". We don't run a balanced "complete" offense. We throw the damn ball!! And pretend to have a run game when we want to waste a first down or ruin a game on 3rd and short. Grew's blocking can be as stellar as you try and sell it (although I don't think it's nearly as great as you portray it) but it is yielding no offensive production what so ever, so who the hell cares??? Adding another receiving threat, without the fumbles, without the dropped passes, and who is 10X better as a receiving tight end would improve the offense TREMENDOUSLY!!! Losing the blocking he provides would do NOTHING!! What, will it decrease the efficiency of the AWESOME Nate Burelson end around play?? Open up some corners blocking some DBs so our RBs can get to the outside edge??? The RBs never do ANYTHING other than try and charge right between the tackles anyways!!!!

YOU HAVE NO POINTS TO PROVE WRONG!!!! This is you: "Blah blah blah, stats. Blah blah blah, blocking. Blah blah blah, you don't have football knowledge." Yet the only thing you can try and exhibit about having ANY sort of "football knowledge" is using the terms block, and tight end.

Jimmy Graham is 8th best???? make it EASIER and EASIER every time you open your mouth to see how much of a baffoon you are. You prove yourself wrong, and discredit everything further you have to say by that statement right there. Oh yeah, and the little jewel of gold highlighted in my sig.

Face it. You're a joke. You're point is an even bigger joke. Every single week I watch the games, see this pathetic excuse of a former first round pick drop and fumble his way onto the bench while Tony Scheffler comes in and makes him look like a fool. Which is ironic, because you look like just as much of one!!!