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    WWE: Was Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock the greatest wrestling rivalry ever?

    I just watched The Epic Journey of Rock DVD followed by Stone Cold Steve Austin Bottom Line and i could not believe how emotional it was. That was the most exciting rivalry i have personally witnessed and both of those guys gave their all to the business.

    People that do not know wrestling will say that wrestling is fake and all that crap. All they need to do is watch one of these WWE DVD's to see that is not true.

    Sure what you see on tv is staged but there is nothing fake about it. The hard work and sweat and injuries. All the travelling and sacrifice. Most casual fabs do not understand the business and politics of it. They do not realize how much of a dog fight it really is and i do not think any two superstars show this more than The Rock and Stone Cold.

    I cannot personally think of any rivalry i liked better.

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    I take HBK-Hitman over it since there was truth to it and it was personal.
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    Sting vs. Hogan/NWO or HBK and Hart

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    It was the best, I agree.

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    Hogan/Savage back in the what late 80's/early 90's? they were a team called the Mega Powers and not a team going against each other.

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    Yes! IMO this was the best rivalry, it ushered and entertained me throughout one of the best eras in wrestling.

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    On screen purposes the Austin-McMahon feud was just as big, if not bigger.

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    To me, the WWF/E was at the heights of its popularity when Stone Cold and The Rock were going at each other. As far as I'm concerned, there was nothing else like it. The build-up to their WM17 match was absolutely epic and the match itself lived up to all the hype, IMO.
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    Personally my favorite rivalries are....

    1. Austin-McMahon
    2. Hart-HBK
    3. Austin-Rock
    4. Hogan/Savage

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    For me, yes. It was probably one of the few, if not the only, time where you had two mega stars competing against each other in there prime. I remember as a kid always getting goosebumps whenever Austin and Rock were feuding with each other.

    Few guys are popular enough to transcend being known by people outside of the wwe universe, and both of these guys are/were.
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    It's hard to choose really in that era. Austin Mcmahon started it all and ushered in a new phase of wrestling. Austin Rock was one that was just awesome and both wrestlers were just incredible against each other... Austin Undertaker is the most underrated one and they both had some incredible matches but my favorite was Rock HHH in the late 90's and early 2000's.

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    Rock/Austin was the greatest ever.. I even liked their feud in 2003 that led to WM

    That (along with the Austin/McMahon) was the reason to the biggest & best era in wrestling history

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    Yes IMO it was the best

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    Its simple because it wasn't the best

    Sting vs NWO
    Hart vs McMahon
    Hogan vs Savage
    Hogan vs The Family
    The Hart Foundation vs USA

    were all as good if not better, but The Rock wasn't even Austin's biggest rival

    McMahon vs Austin and Hitman vs Austin were wy bigger.

    They had a great run though

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    I liked Hart vs HBK Austin vs Mcmahon and Flair vs Steamboat better.

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